My little Pony – Englisch

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Twilight Sparkle is the brightest mare in all of Equestria. But for Princess Celestia her price pupil is too busy reading books. So the princess sends the young Unicorn to Ponyville, where Twilight Sparkle is supposed to find new friends. And indeed Twilight Sparkles friends with Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Each one of the foals has an unique, individual strength like laughter, loyalty, generosity, kindness and honesty. Together with the dragon Spike the ponys go on fantastic adventures and Twilight Sparkles discovers something that no book could have taught her: The magic of Friendship!

Episode 1 The Crystalling – Part 1 Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 2 The Crystalling – Part 2 Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 3 The Gift of Maud Pie Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 4 On Your Marks Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 5 Gauntlet on Fire Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 6 No Second Prances Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 7 Newbie Dash Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 8 A Hearth’s Warming Tail Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 9 The Saddle Row Review Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 10 Applejack’s „Day“ Off Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 11 Flutter Brutter Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 12 Spice Up Your Life Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 13 Stranger Than Fan Fiction Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 14 The Cart Before The Ponys Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 15 28 Pranks Later Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 16 The Times Are a Changeling Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 17 Dungeons And Discord Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 18 Buck Ball Season Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 19 The Fault In Our Cutie Marks Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 20 Viva Las Pegasus Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 21 Every Little Thing She Does Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 22 PPOV Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 23 Where The Apple Lies Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 24 Top Bolt Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 25 To Where And Back Again – Part 1 Download  Backup  Stream
Episode 26 To Where And Back Again – Part 2 Download  Backup  Stream

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Season 6

748 thoughts on “My little Pony – Englisch

  1. Skolak

    So, grad Equestria Girls 4 angeschaut. Lohnt sich immer wieder ^^ kann die neue Staffel, den 5en Film und den ersten mlp Film (nicht Equestria Girls) kaum abwarten

  2. Shimmer

    Weiß eigentlich schon jemand wann die equestria Girls Specials rauskommen :? Freue mich nämlich richtig darauf :)

  3. Princess Cira

    Ich kann es nicht mehr abwarten bis die season 7 rauskommt!!!
    ich wollte noch sagen das ich eure Arbeit hier auf total schätze!!!
    Hier kann man jede Folge gucken!
    Ihr sollt das immer weiter machen sonst weiß ich nicht wie ich das sonst gucken soll!!
    Ihr seid super!


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